Pop Social leads the SocialFi revolution, announces 1M PPT airdrop on BNB Chain

Pop Social, the trailblazing AI Web3 social platform, commemorates the resounding success of its recent token sale launch by celebrating with BNB Chain in a grand gesture of gratitude towards its community. In recognition of BNB Chain’s pivotal role in their mission to onboard the next billion users into Web3, Pop Social is thrilled to announce a monumental airdrop of up to 1 million Pop Tokens (PPT) exclusively for participants of their Community Sale on the BNB Chain.

Participating in the airdrop is straightforward for all BNB Chain ecosystem users. The Community Sale will be available starting from September 24th 14:00 UTC for a total period of 72 hours. All participants in the Pop Social Community Sale who successfully deposit will be eligible for the airdrop, a snapshot will be taken once the sale ends on September 27th 14:00 UTC.

As the rising champion of the Web3 SocialFi sector, Pop Social ushers the next billion users into Web3 with Web3 abstraction and intuitive platform UI/UX built into its ecosystem. Stepping into the astonishing world of Web3 is now a simplified process for traditional users to thrive in the Web3 realm without having to stress over any technical complications.

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Unmatched metrics and an unrivaled vision

The next-generation AI social platform has over 250,000 downloads and is home to over 150,000 registered users. With a combined 500,000+ social and community members, the Pop Social Ecosystem welcomes over 40,000 daily active users with a global presence from over 180 countries. The heart of Pop Social lies in its burgeoning organic user base, with remarkable monthly growth rates that have left competitors in awe.

The project’s most recent monthly metrics saw app downloads that jumped from 141% and 98% while daily user activity shot up by 691%. As for total registered users, that number shot up from 48,000 less than two months ago to more than 150,000. Lastly, user-generated content surpassed 1 million posts, which is a spike of more than 300% within a month. Their vibrant and rapidly expanding organic user base is a testament to the trust and enthusiasm their users have placed in them.

Founding cohort and largest SocialFi project on opBNB

Pop Social’s impressive growth places it in a prominent, well-earned position among the top 3 projects in the BNB SocialFi category, where it stands at the forefront of the SocialFi industry. Pop Social’s PPT token sale just completed a very successful Round 1. BNB users hoping to qualify for the 1 million PPT airdrop can participate in Round 2 of the PPT Community Sale which will take place on September 24, 14:00 UTC. To qualify, simply participate in the sale by using USDT or USDC on the BNB chain.

As an ecological partner of BNB, Pop Social is an integral part of the founding cohort and proudly holds the distinction of being the largest SocialFi project on opBNB. Committed to providing robust support to users actively participating in the Community Sale on the BNB Chain, they undeniably demonstrate their dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem within the Web3 landscape.

The project’s mission extends beyond their immediate community. In the true spirit of Web3, the Pop Social team sets its sight towards empowering the entire BNB Chain ecosystem and bridging the gap between traditional users and the exciting world of Web3. Their daily activity figures and growth rate of almost 200% this month are nothing short of astonishing and opens up new possibilities for countless individuals everywhere.

Phygital creator marketplace and bright future of SocialFi

Looking ahead, Pop Social is set to make waves with exciting developments. The Pop Social Ecosystem will start by introducing the revolutionary Phygital Creator Marketplace, for users to obtain physical assets like exclusive Pop Social merchandise and their digital counterpart in the form of accessory NFTs. More delightful features are also in the works, including AI integration and AI-powered features, an NFT marketplace, Dynamic and Genesis NFT collections, and the unique NFT minting functionality for Pop Creators. These visionary collaborations and innovations are all geared towards supporting their core mission of bringing the next billion users to Web3.

Ultimately, Pop Social is committed to building a multi-chain social ecosystem and supporting the broader Web3 landscape. In addition to BNB, the team will vigorously support second-layer multi-chain ecosystems such as opBNB and zkSync. This forward-looking approach will enable a future where social infrastructure is interoperable, versatile, and multi-chain, ensuring their strong presence across various platforms as the Web3 landscape evolves.

Pop Social is a beacon lighting the way and ushering the next billion users to Web3 whilst empowering millions of content creators and consumers worldwide. The project’s dedication to innovation, community engagement, and cross-chain compatibility is paving the way for a more inclusive and exciting future for all. Join them on this journey, and stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments as they continue to redefine the SocialFi space. Head to their official channels to learn more and become part of the Pop Social experience that is shaping the future of social media.

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