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I’m a Chris, in crypto “Kryptokoks” and I’m in a team KryptoEkipa (CryptoCrew) which have the biggest community in Poland. KryptoEkipa is consists of over 20 members (already almost 30) and all this guys have differents roles. We have a CEO, calendar and meeting person, people looking after p2e and NFTs, moderators, admins, blockchain specialist, airdrop hunters, recently we launched our own store with cryptocurrency gadgets and clothing (We released the first T-shirt model and four more in September) and many many more.

Also we are co-organize cryptoevents. In september for example we organize “CryptoVerse Expo” where CEO have a lecture, and also we will have two debates, one of them I will lead (Topic “Community building in NFT projects”), also here we take care on a few stands, one of them is “Blockchain and sports” with four sports blockchain projects, and second is a gaming on the blockchain where we will have a few computers and people can join and tests gameplay, or beta version of new blockchain games of our partners.

We have several discussions, educational and information groups with very large ranges on telegram.

We also deal with the promotion of valuable projects, for whom we are building a community in Poland e.g. Ecosystem Cronos, Chiliz, RealFevr, Metasoccer

We have many business partners, including: Crypto,com. Bybit Exhange, Probit Exchange, Chiliz, Adshares, Pirates of Arrland and many more. You can also visit our website where everyone can find information, education and support regarding crypto. Here for example I also sometimes scribe articules including the topic of the Aptos network Wyniki wyszukiwania dla „aptos” – Kryptoekipa, informacja, edukacja, wsparcie . Last time I translated Aptos whitepaper into polish language.

Maciej Tomczyk, CEO of the group, is one of the most recognizable people associated with crypto in Poland with large ranges. Twitter with almost. He also has his own YouTube channel where the market situation is discussed daily. We conduct industry talks with projects and meet our community live and there also I’m talking about Aptos Blockchain. The channel has over 27k subscribers and a very large reach on Poland where there is a very large crypto community.
Maciej Tomczyk is also the largest Crypto.com promoter in Eastern Europe, which is confirmed by Crypto,com itself.

We have also p2e/nft two channels in youtube with 2k followers. Two gaming twitters with 1k followers and telegram with 2k followers

My strengths are explore ecosystems, blockchain technology, community support (I’m one of three people in Poland which are a Chiliz Ambasadors), and currently also Aptos Chain and what’s going on there. My twitter which I started actively running 3 months ago: “KryptoKoks_”

So as you can see, here you have something more than typical cryptoinfluencer. Here you have really huge crypto machine, where we can use own ranges like also as well as the entire of KryptoEkipa resources. I think KryptoEkipa is one of the gamechanger which great fits in with the upcoming web3.0 trends where the people will be the most important and they will needed a new approach to community management and get new quality. We are ready for this.

I want to help in build polish community as a moderator of Discord or maybe someone more, but also we can talk about a greater scope of partnership.

Best Regards
Kryptokoks by KryptoEkipa


This is a cool idea and I think it will significantly improve the project. I’m already waiting for the first results!


How can I help into develop community?

  • Be a mod in Polish chat on Discord
  • Tweet about news, events and other important things related to project, on my twitter @kryptokoks_
  • Inform Polish community from two Telegrams of Kryptoekipa (8k and 4k members) which are out of Aptos Ecosystem (potential new members) about Aptos
  • Write articles about Aptos Ecosystem for Polish community on website https://kryptoekipa.pl/
  • Translate articles and news for Polish community
  • Talk about Aptos Ecosystem during “Live with Kryptoekipa” on youtube (every tuesday we talk generally about crypto) Channel has 27k sub https://www.youtube.com/c/MaciejTomczyk
  • Help in other things which I can help.
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good :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Aptos is expanding, more and more new communities are born - it’s cool! I wish you success! great that you decided on the idea to develop the Polish community! :love_you_gesture:t2:


aptos going to be huge

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Sure , really huge :blush::blush:

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I agree with u bro

U welcome to great community of Aptos man

This is going to be great

I am Canadian, with Polish roots, and currently living in Japan. Looking to learn more about game-changing projects such as this one, and would like to know more about the Polish crypto community. Hoping this is a way to do that.