Please how do i get the aptos wallet address?

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Hello @amaka777 . Can you elaborate a bit please? I’m not sure I understand your question.

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Hello @fomoescobar

I have an Aptos Public Key. I want to find out the address associated with that public key. Any help in terms of code is highly appreciated.

Public Key: ee23b459bbc3619caa0b978bdfa89551b04c62cd9b7fdb669a398c93d68730e8

Hi, I found the solution using JS.

const { HexString, TxnBuilderTypes } = require("aptos")

let pubKey = "ee23b459bbc3619caa0b978bdfa89551b04c62cd9b7fdb669a398c93d68730e8"

let key = HexString.ensure(pubKey).toUint8Array();

pubKey = new TxnBuilderTypes.Ed25519PublicKey(key)

const authKey = TxnBuilderTypes.AuthenticationKey.fromEd25519PublicKey(pubKey)


miss write?