Plat validator candidate

Plat validator candidate

Discord ID: plat#5815

Node name: nodeplaty

Languages: Ukranian, Russian, English

Telegram: @banana_crew

About myself

I've been participating in various testnetworks for about four or five years now. I am from Ukraine and I was educated in the technical field. I was interested in programming and somewhere in 2015-2016 I heard about cryptocurrency, but I did not pay much attention to it. In 2018 I started to study blockchain and its directions. Since I know a little bit about some basic programming skills, I decided to apply my skills here as well. I learned the basics of CLI and started setting up nodes. Now I have about a dozen or more projects on my own. Here are some of them: axelar, nym, subquery, umee, cyber, solana, humanode, kyve, subspace, pontem, massa.

From myself I want to add that all the time I learn and pump my skills, I quickly grasp new information and try to overcome difficulties. So I think I would be a good validator for Aptos. I would like to be a part of the team in both testnet and mainnet