Phaver airdrop strategy

:parachute: Seize the Phaver Airdrop Opportunity :parachute:

:star2: Letโ€™s simplify your path to success! :star2:

Introducing Phaver:
:calling: The share-to-earn social platform powered by @LensProtocol
:rocket: Token launch incoming ($Phaver?)

Hereโ€™s your step-by-step guide to securing your spot in this #Airdrop:

Step 1: New User or Returning User

  1. :inbox_tray: Download Phaver from your App Store.
  2. :globe_with_meridians: Create your account and complete your profile.
  3. :calling: Follow others for follow-backs.
  4. :speech_balloon: Join our thriving Discord community:

Step 2: Airdrop Preparations

  1. :rock: Visit Galxe | Galxe.
  2. :credit_card: Mint your Galxe passport ($7 in BNB).

:fuelpump: Keep an eye out for gas fees.

  1. :rock: Next, navigate to
  2. :briefcase: Connect your wallet and go to Badges.
  3. :trophy: Claim your โ€œIdentity Badges.โ€

Step 3: KYC & More

  1. :memo: Donโ€™t forget to claim your Phaver KYC OAT here:
    Phaver KYC by Galxe Passport by Phaver | Galxe

  2. :rock: Back in the Phaver app:

  3. :rocket: Open the Phaver app.

  4. :link: Click L1, and connect your wallet (used for Badges & KYC).

:triangular_flag_on_post: Log in daily for 30 days (earn 10-15 credits daily).
:loudspeaker: 50 CRED = L2

:rocket: There you have it! Position yourself for the Phaver Airdrop. Like, share, follow & Repost to spread the word! :raised_hands: #PhaverAirdrop #CryptoOpportunity #GetStarted