Perceptronlabs NFT holder verification system for Discord


A NFT holder verification solution for Discord.
Auto assign/revoke discord role based uppon user wallet holdings.

(Already Live)

  • Filter rules based on Quantity
  • Filter rules based on Attributes (or multiple attributes combo)
  • Auto revoke the role when NFT leave the wallet (whatever is the reason) every hour
  • Staking detection (bluemove, snotra, and we can add any custom solution)
  • Multiple wallets link with all the most used Aptos Wallets (Cumulative count)
  • Can link/delink, add/remove wallets at will
  • Holder Snapshot tool
  • Discord NFT sales & listing feed Bot

We provide the most accurate and secure solution for DAO and private discord access management on Aptos.

Our team is composed by full stack experimented devs with a very deep understanding of the blockchain and NFT technologies.

We already work with few NFT projects and the solution is now “Stable” in it’s actual version and highly scalable for mass adoption.
We are now working on the future tool we will deliver to the Aptos ecosystem.
With probably our own NFT collection.

Feel free to reach us on discord and open a ticket form there to onboard with our system.

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yeees, I was looking for this function

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Feel free to contact us on our discord :slight_smile: