Participate in the eesee whitelisting today!

Welcome to eesee, where the future of NFTs unfolds before your eyes.

We invite visionaries, innovators, and those not afraid to challenge the status quo to join our much-anticipated whitelist. We bring you an unprecedented opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the future of NFT trading.

Get ready to explore eesee, an innovative platform redefining how NFTs are bought and sold. Designed with buyers and sellers in mind, we offer a unique win-win model that unlocks new possibilities and extraordinary benefits for its community members, and we want you to join our whitelist.

eesee’s Exclusive Whitelist Benefits:

  1. Pioneering Access to the eesee NFT Marketplace: As a valued member of our Whitelist community, you will gain exclusive early access to test the groundbreaking eesee NFT Marketplace before making it available to the general public. As a token of our appreciation, testers will also be rewarded with special incentives, such as limited edition NFTs or exclusive discounts on future purchases.
  2. Raffles for Whitelist Holders: Get ready for some exciting chances to win incredible rewards! As a Whitelist holder, you will automatically be entered into our exclusive raffles, where you can win various amazing prizes. These prizes might include highly sought-after NFTs from renowned artists, rare digital collectibles, or memorable experiences like virtual meet-ups with influential creators.
  3. Access to the Private Discord Community: Join a vibrant and closely-knit community of like-minded individuals by gaining access to our private Discord server. Interact with fellow Whitelist members, passionate collectors, talented artists, and key players from the eesee team.
  4. Early Announcements of Upcoming Activities: Stay one step ahead of the game with our Whitelist-exclusive benefit of receiving early announcements about all the upcoming activities on eesee. You’ll be among the first to know whether it’s a limited edition drop, a unique collaboration, or an exclusive event.
  5. Drawings for Whitelist Holders in Other NFT Projects: Prepare for an extra layer of excitement and the chance to expand your NFT collection beyond eesee! As a Whitelist holder, you will be automatically entered into exclusive drawings for highly coveted NFTs from other projects and platforms.

If that sounds good, then this next part will blow you away!

We’re giving whitelist spots to some lucky people to do the following:

Join the SoQuest Campaign and Complete Quests

(Concludes on June 27th)

Participate in the whitelisting here in this brand new SoQuest campaign as we partner with the Port3 Network. Complete simple quests and stand a chance to join the whitelisted users.

Hurry up! The whitelisting campaign will be available until Tuesday, 27th of June.

Get Active in the Community!

Another eesee way to get on our whitelist is to do a few simple things. Go to the eesee discord and get active! Anything from asking questions to sending memes will be considered whitelist worthy!


This part doesn’t require any activity other than being lucky :four_leaf_clover: There will be giveaways, and a few lucky people will be awarded spots on the whitelist.

:shushing_face: We’re thrilled to hint at an exciting opportunity on the horizon — an eesee Airdrop. Stay tuned to our community and social media channels for the unfolding details, and discover how you can be part of this rewarding journey.

Please note: More whitelist spots will be given out as we approach our launch, so be sure to stay connected to our socials to know how and when!

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a rare, high-value digital asset but bolted after seeing the lofty price tag, our breakthrough model is the key you’ve been praying for. :angel:t4: This is your invitation to reshape the world of NFT trading. Participate in our campaigns for our whitelist today and get ready to embrace the future and become an eesee pioneer.

Thanks for the invitation