Panda’s Awakening on Aptos | Genesis post

The Panda’s awakening is a brand new storyline emerges with the Panda’s origin being a popular collectible amongst the Gari community. We are psyched and excited to bring a brand new experience for the Aptos community that combines technology and culture to the community.

Gari network meets the Aptos community

Before we dive in ~ here are some primers about us

About Chingari & Gari community:

Chingari, powered by GARI network, is the world’s fastest-growing on-chain social app. Chingari’s eclectic platform entertains millions of users across, and witnesses videos in 15+ languages. The app has been downloaded more than 175 million times across the Play Store and is amongst the top 20 most downloaded apps worldwide on Google Play. Over 200 million videos are being watched on the app on a daily basis.

The Social token enables short-form video creators to monetize their content on the Blockchain with the Gari token. Gari token has received great enthusiasm from the community with almost 2.5 million Gari holders in a record time of just 11 months from launch.

The Aptos backed-Gari wallet is expected to go live by Early May

The Panda NFT Community:

The Panda NFTs serve as the ambassadors of the content creators across the globe who come together with a wholesome community to share their experiences in content creation and usage of Web3 Social Media. The Panda awakening on Aptos ecosystem will bolster a great deal of technology adoption & community culture.

About the Special artwork:

The Panda NFT’s are the first step in engaging the Aptos community to a whole new exciting experience. We had started the artwork from scratch, defining the concept for the project, which involves iterating the pandas from its original objectives and expand its universe into various scalable and multi-platform concepts for gaming, social & metaversal applications.

Bring the Pandas to Life

To make sure the NFTs look more realistic and engaging, we added textures and materials to the 3D models, followed by rigging and animation which bring the Pandas to life.

The Panda awakening series are being made with love and care with industry leading speed & skill and has been a fun, insightful and creative journey, resulting in beautiful and engaging NFTs. We are thrilled the genesis story with the community and drop more alphas in the Twitter spaces in the weeks to come!

Aptos technology & community:

Innovative and the safer UX that empowers the Aptos NFT has paved way for a vibrant NFT community who have been powering through for the ecosystem. The core team from Gari Network has a strong affinity towards technology and builder driven initiatives, and had the good fortune of visiting Palo Alto, during the NFT meetup in January.

Honorary PFPs:

To celebrate some of the legends, here are some honorary PFPs lauded to some of the powerhouse Aptos builders.

Honorary PFPs to Chief Aptos Builders (Spot the matching PFPs to the Builder in the comments section!)

Note: The honorary PFPs are static, non-animated snapshots and are not part of the main collection & hold no monetary value. No special Whitelists are given to the respective chief builders of Aptos. Request for special/honorary PFPs are always welcome for special projects

Alpha drop from the Aptos NFT Meetup

During the NFT Meetup at Palo Alto, the core Gari team along with numerous other community builders had the chance to learn about upcoming token standards on Aptos Network that would favour expansive composability along with object oriented modules, which would change the face of the wider NFT ecosystem altogether.

Our perspective for utilizing Composability standards on Aptos

We recognize that the first party Token V2 Standards by AptosLabs is a way to build extensible, exploratory token standard which allows for a common means to represent tokens while paving way for the community developers to dictate the business logic behind the progression of NFTs, ranging from freeze, burn, composability, dynamic features. We thoroughly appreciate the model given the freedom of on-chain & off-chain interactions that the NFTs would go through.

What does this mean for the wider collection that would launch?

Every Panda NFT could be a rare NFT

The total size of the Panda awakening collection is deemed to be 3333 where there are 33 Legendary versions, 300 Rare/Uncommon variants & 3000 common variants.

Cyborg Panda Reveal!

Given the room for innovation that is provided by AptosLabs, we would do the necessary changes to adopt the substantial token standard changes where each and every common NFT variant has the flexible path to become a belligerent rare NFT style of their own with sufficient personalization. We intend to build a Panda NFT mini-store to enable this transition.

Builders & Devs will have higher leverage in driving the Panda community. So if you wanna empower the Panda NFT community, refer a Web3 builder on the form below before the WL spots maxes out!

GDD link

Community Feedback → Developer Sub-DAO → Execution → Maximum fun

Creative Roadmap:


The Panda NFTs are brought to you from an innovative team that has embraced the paradigm of Web3 Social Network. Ramping up from the initial success of scaling to 7 figure Web3 user base, NFTs are all set to play a greater role in leveraging newer habits in social media that everyone would want their hands on!

We are set to take innovative bets on the future of Web3 social media towards the future of the connected. The Panda community would be very welcome for OSS developers, killer product alpha-makers, community builders & would receive early product access to upcoming Web3 Social Media Products.

What would the community be about?

The aim of the Panda community is to support technology innovation, with a story that is ripe for content creators across the NFT ecosystem with powerful syndication for a story that unites everyone. We aim to bring a strong culture of kickass content creation and a connected community across the globe, with a warm welcome from the hypersocialized Gari community. The members who are looking for the OG easter egg, you’ve found it.


To avoid the custom of a speculative roadmap on promised incentives that herald astronomical cyclical incentives, we intend to keep the focus on building strong technology interactions that is galvanized by the community. The initial efforts on the artwork for the holders & innovative roadmap around composable NFT standards would set the stage for innovative storylines and a culture which combines the best of NFT Technology & catering to a high quality gaming experience.

PS: We also welcome organic coverage to promote a stronger connectivity for the future holders of the Panda NFTs.

An Organic testimonial

The Panda holders would be part of an elite community that are welcome to experience the high quality content and social media experience of upcoming products with rich content and interactions between communities across the globe.

Future of Web3 social is on its way!


Greaaat thanks