OverProtocol: Closed Beta Testnet

An email was sent yesterday for over Node runners, if you filled the form you might has well check your email if you got invited. Make sure sure to check in the Over discord server before 24th of October to get your “Beta Tester” role and join the private channel for node runners on the over discord server.

Welcome to Over Closed Beta Testing

Public Testnet has been slated for December

See you there Amigo!.


Everybody just dey farm over protocol

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I believe in Over, I think he will show himself very, very well!

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Great info thx: )


don’t mention

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Hope for something positive


same here mate

Well let see what they have to offer


good stuff, thanks

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I read somewhere that there’s no reward for testers … I’m seeing it as a bullish sign…

no airdrop = bullish = airdrop

Can I still do it

of course, download the over wallet claim daily over points which will be converted to over tokens sometime around Q1 2024, also answer daily quiz to boost ur point.

I do this project daily

really nice , keep it up

That’s nice :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: