Over network airdrop

download app 🤝 Join Over Wallet with dattallguy (DNZ53UULR3)

  1. Use Email that you used to join waitlist
  2. Click ‘Missions‘
  3. Connect Twitter and follow (+500 Points)
  4. Invite friends to earn more
    🫡Points will be convert to $OVER when mainnet Make sure you claim points on a daily basis

i have been covering over protocol for a while now on this platform, as always DYOR


check my activity for everything concerning over protocol


I am already doing this p even claimed my points for today


bravoo its really great :rocket: :rocket:

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Twitter task currently inactive.

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Yup twitter task is inactive for now

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Don’t forget to claim your points everyday

need to try

yh dont forget

nice you can do it with my link: 🤝 Join Over Wallet with josepy (SY4LHYS8R3)

thanks for sharing information, I will go and take a look

Claiming this already

so my link is virus na :melting_face: