Over all top 40 free airdrop you must not miss!

Lord, liquidity is all i ask for​:pray::cold_sweat:

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tier 3 in a good project

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What exactly was stated on the hint? just want to have an idea of what it is

I’m anticipating Layerzero and Zksync, starknet also

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Thanks for info !

I’ve not done majority of these airdrops

when shold we expect Layerzero drop? Any idea?

I am participating in so many of them, that I am starting to think it is unhealthy.

Defo do not fade on Mantle, Base, Eigenlayer, and Linea.

The free ones you can participate in are Aleo, Venom, Shardeum, Fuel, and Taiko (the only free ones I know of in this list)

Also, Sei definitely does not belong to Tier 2. More like Tier Trash, I only received around 20 USD in airdrop rewards from the first airdrop batch after all the year-long testnet activity.

Guys, you can check crypto twitter for more info or any strategies and alpha you need for each project.

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Cool dude, thanks

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hell yeah !!!


40…eeeh, don’t you think that’s a bit over the top?

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Check this out guyes

This is a great list of project

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