Outlier Ventures announce the @Aptos_Network x @OVioHQ Move cohort, consisting of eight of the most innovative start-ups in Web3



(USA) - is a Web3 game studio that develops games and an on-chain game engine for the Aptos blockchain. Their goal is to empower the next generation of Web3 games by providing an extensible suite of gaming primitives for the MoveVM - https://aptosarcade.com

2/ ArmurAI (India) - ArmurAI is an A.I.-powered security infrastructure platform, enabling users to build custom security tooling for Web3 and beyond by leveraging pre-trained A.I models - https://armur.ai

3/ Duo (USA) - Duo is an Ethereum compatible blockchain running on Aptos. Duo provides sub-second transactions from the speed, scalability and finality of Aptos making it especially suitable for Web3 gaming - https://duo.st



(Hong Kong) - MoveFlow is a programmable payment protocol enabling predefined transaction rules based on time and events. Users can set up rules for payments based on time intervals or specific events, streamlining the payment process - https://moveflow.xyz



(South Korea) - is a fully decentralized NFT War Game on the lightning-fast Aptos blockchain, powered by cutting-edge Move smart contracts. Their goal is to provide the best Web3 game, offering an unparalleled blockchain gaming experience - https://werewolfandwitch.xyz



(India) - AI-powered DeFi aggregator and Liquidity Manager that enhances smart contracts with AI algorithms to efficiently route transactions and manage liquidity across multiple protocols using no-code portfolio management strategies - https://swapgpt.ai



(Singapore) - No-code NFT studio, launchpad & marketplace on Aptos Blockchain, offering on-chain randomness & low mint fees. Built by Mokshya protocol for scalability - https://wapal.io

8/ Yours (


) (South Korea) - One-stop NFT enterprise solution for customer loyalty management. Solutions include minting points, membership rewards and coupons for Web3 users - https://blockwavelabs.io


thanks good info bro


thanks great info bro

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