Our Commitment to the Future of Web3

Our Commitment to the Future of Web3

Aptos Labs is proud to support Web3 education and research with our latest grant award to Professor of Computer Science, Lorenzo Alvisi (Cornell Bowers CIS)!


Higher Education is Key to Web3 Adoption and Innovation

Research and education are integral to the present-day health and future sustainability of the Web3 movement.

It is mission-critical at Aptos Labs to provide a pathway for developers to kickstart their careers in Web3, improve current blockchain shortcomings (such as usability and approachability when it comes to cryptographic tooling), and encourage new, novel research that pushes the Aptos Network and Web3 at-large to peak performance.

Simply put, the future of Web3 depends on the future of its students and a commitment to education and research are key!

Committing to the Next Generation of Developers

To keep the Aptos ecosystem growing strong, Aptos Labs has continued an ongoing commitment to bringing Web3 education to universities through a $50,000 grant to Lorenzo Alvisi, Tisch University Professor of Computer Science in the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science (Cornell Bowers CIS), to help support Web3 innovation in higher education.

The grant will fund student research in developing a novel approach to scale the performance of blockchains by building the abstraction of a secure, fault-tolerant, decentralized append-only log on top of a Byzantine-tolerant database. This new, client-centric architecture can support highly concurrent transaction processing and eliminates concerns about the fairness of leader-based blockchains.

Aptos Labs onboarded Stanford University Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Dan Boneh, as an advisor. Appointed to the National Academy of Engineering, and named Head of the Applied Cryptography Group and Co-Director of the Center for Blockchain Research at Stanford, Boneh is one of the most accomplished academics in this industry. Boneh’s expertise will be invaluable to the future of Aptos Labs, and the industry as a whole.

More on Aptos Labs Research and Education

Over the past year, Aptos Labs has sponsored many academic hackathons and meet ups at blockchain-forward universities, such as Stanford, MIT, and UPenn.

Aptos Labs also contributes ongoing research to support the Aptos Network. We are proud to share open-source research on GitHub for the entire community to use. Much of that research is featured on Aptos Network YouTube, as presented over various events by Aptos Labs team members.

Stay tuned for future updates on research at Aptos Labs.

For more information on Aptos Network funding opportunities, please visit aptosfoundation.org/grants.


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