Optimizing Aptos Farming 2023-2024

The efficiency of farming Aptos in the first and second quarters of 2024 is a topic of considerable interest. While the likelihood of a second Aptos airdrop remains uncertain, noteworthy developments within the Aptos ecosystem suggest that various projects are actively engaging in their airdrop initiatives, generating widespread speculation.

Outlined below are select Aptos-related projects either confirmed to conduct airdrops or demonstrating substantial potential for such activities. It is advisable to direct attention towards these projects for optimal participation in potential future Aptos airdrops. Even in the absence of an Aptos airdrop, engaging with these projects can still yield rewards:

  1. Merkle Trade:
  • For enthusiasts of leveraged crypto and forex trading, Merkle Trade offers a ‘Gamified’ incentivized trading experience on the Aptos platform. Leveraging Layer Zero technology (very high potential for airdrop) and partnering with Pyth Network (already airdropped!!!), Merkle Trade’s MKL Genesis airdrop is confirmed. To participate, Click here, utilize their platform and complete missions listed in Profile > Missions to accumulate Mission Points for rewards. Tweet Link

  1. Amnis Finance:
  • Long-term APT token holders (e.g., 100+ days) can consider staking in Amnis Finance, although not without risks. By staking on their frontend, participants can maximize rewards and potentially qualify for a retroactive airdrop. Airdrop qualifiers likely based on Total Value Locked (TVL) and stake duration. More details can be found here.

  1. Topaz.so:
  • Tailored for NFT traders, Topaz.so offers a confirmed airdrop event tied to trading activities. Engage with the top 5 collections based on 24-hour volume through buying, selling, making competitive collection offers, or selling via collection offers. Note that this is a rank-based event, and substantial activity is essential. Further information is available here.

  1. Wapal.io:
  • Another confirmed airdrop opportunity for NFT traders, Wapal.io rewards points for listing and bidding on NFTs close to the floor price, as well as achieving high trading volumes. Additionally, rewards are extended to NFT projects and content creators promoting the platform. Detailed information on the airdrop program can be found here.

  1. Econia:
  • A recently launched project that received 6M funding from Dragonfly , Econia, has introduced four new DeFi dApps to the Aptos ecosystem:

    Although no confirmed or rumored airdrop is associated with Econia, this novel tokenless project presents an opportunity for exploration. Moreover, the inclusion of new dApps introduces unique contract addresses you can interact with and accumulate transaction count and trading volume while engaging with Aptos. For more detailed information, explore here.

In navigating the evolving landscape of Aptos farming, strategic engagement with these projects can enhance the potential for rewards, whether or not a second Aptos airdrop materializes. You can add these dApps to your already existing Aptos farming strategies.

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