Optimal aptos trading strategy

Success in cryptography is determined, among other things, by three important factors: the idea, the fundamental principles for implementing the idea, and the action strategy.
As an idea :bulb:, I propose to accept that Aptos is the most promising asset in terms of earnings in the next 9 months. Why? Great investors, strong team, promising programming language, thoughtful tokenomics similar to Flow. Do you remember how many percent of the increase in value Flow gave?
As for the fundamental principles :shield:, they are needed in order to make it easier to make decisions and firmly adhere to the chosen strategy in the face of negative informational noise. So here are my main principles:

  • the crypt will not go anywhere, at least until 2025;
  • bitcoin will repeat its growth cycle based on halving at least one more time;
  • new crypto projects with potential will grow faster than the old ones;
  • The regulation planned by the US is not as bad as it is portrayed. It will not be massive, in the form of a specific law on crypto regulation, but targeted, based on precedents. In addition, Aptos has yet to do anything to have it recognized as a security.

And, finally, the optimal, in my opinion, strategy of action :hammer_and_wrench:.
The period of 9 months is determined by the start of the distribution of coins from investment funds in November 2023. Funds, wanting to make a profit, will raise the price of Aptos before the distribution of coins begins. And then the most interesting will come.
If the coins are sold, then the price of Aptos will fall. If the funds do not sell their coins, then Aptos will be able to at least slightly repeat the success of Flow :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:.
Thus, we have two potential jumps in the value of the coin. The first is highly likely before November 2023. And the second, perhaps stronger, in 2024–2025.
This leads to the following strategy of action.
Until October 2023, with all significant price reductions, I will buy and accumulate Aptos coins. At the moment, purchases below $ 6 are relevant. Optimum — at a level below $ 4. If the price drops below $3, then I’ll go All-In. Why? According to some reports, investment funds bought an average of 1.5 dollars.
If the price of Aptos rises to $19 :rocket: in the next 9 months, I will sell part of the deposit in order to return the invested funds.
I will hold the rest of the Aptos coins in anticipation of a rise in value in 2024–2025 above $50 :rocket: :rocket: in order to sell three quarters of the coins.
I will leave part of my Aptos deposit in the hope of repeating the success of Flow. There, the funds came at 5 cents and eventually managed to raise the price to $40. That is, they earned 80,000%. Of course, it will be almost impossible to repeat such a success. To do this, the cost of Aptos must reach $1,200. So the maximum I’m aiming for is $150 :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:.
What do you think about this?


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Great strategy.
Very well thought out.

If your thesis holds, you are almost guaranteed great profit.


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Thanks for the feedback. Hope you find it useful. Sincerely, cryptoparty. :slightly_smiling_face: