OPSIDE - The Most underrated Zk-RaaS project with Huge confirmed Airdrop Potential

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1. Introduction:

Opside is a decentralized ZK-RaaS (ZK Rollup-as-a-Service) network featuring Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) mining. Opside uses Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW) to reach Consensys and it allows Web3 developers to generate a zkEVM chain with a mere click. This action triggers an abundance of ZK-Rollups, creating substantial computational tasks.

In short one can deploy any kind of zkEVM (Polygon ZKEVM, Scroll, Starknet or Zksync) on any base layer such as Ethereum, Opside, BSC or Polygon POS in a single click by using Opside’s ZK-Rollup Service. IDE token will be charged for this deployment.

As per the officials, Opside’s airdrop is confirmed and galxe points will be a prime criteria to receive $IDE tokens. Recently they have closed Pre-alpha testnet, however Alpha testnet is just started and will ends on 30th Dec 23.

2. Funding & Backing

  • What project Does: Help you deploy zkEVM layer using ZK-SAAS
  • Raised: $4M
  • Baked by: web3.com venture, Puzzle Venture

3. Task Detail

  • Airdrop: 100% confirmed, Galxe Points will be converted to $IDE token
  • Deadline: Pre-Alpha testnet ended on 22.8.23, Alpha testnet Running, ends 30.12.2023
  • Expense: $0
  • Chain: Testnet

4. What you already need to Have?

  • Metamask Installed
  • Atleast have 200 IDE on Testent (For Bridging)
  • GETH on Goerli Ethereum (for Bridging)

5. Project’s Handle

6. Task

1. Add Opside Testnet into your wallet

  • Open MetaMask > Click on Network > Click on Add Network > Hit Add Network Manually > Enter Following detail of Networks > Hit Save Button > That’s It

Network name: Opside Testnet
New RPC URL: https://pre-alpha-us-http-geth.opside.network
Chain ID: 51178
Currency symbol: IDE
Block explorer URL: https://pre-alpha.opside.info

2. Get IDE Faucet

  • Join Opside Discord and verify
  • Enter into the for-general-users channel
  • send “@Opside Faucet wallet address”
  • You will receive 50 $IDE (get testnet token daily)

3. Bridge Eth from Goerli ETH (Layer 1) to Opside Testnet (layer 1)

4. Bridge Opside (L1) to other Rollups (L2)

5. Bridge Rollup to (L2) to other Rollups (L2)

6. Swap IDE to IZI and Provide liquidity on IZISWAP

  • Go to iziSwap
  • Swap and Provide liquidity
    izi swap.gif

7. Create NFT collection

  • Go to ivymarket

  • Connect Wallet with Opside zkEVM Chain

  • Follow tutorial
    ivy nft.gif

  • Don’t close Ivy NFT window - Copy URL of Your collection and NFT and paste in following link.

  • Fill up this form

8. Complete Galxe task and Claim Galxe Point

  • Go too Galxe
  • Complete as much as Task you can do (moist task include visiting website, liking and reposting on x)
  • Answer of Opside Visionary Expedition Quiz!: CCAEBBD
  • Answer of Opside Discovery Challenge! : DBDCECA
  • There is weekly task (serenade) as well - Do claim weekly points
    galxe task.gif

Galxe takes some time to synchronize your tasks, wait few hours to claim points

9. Claim you glory

  • Glory is completion between two teams (resistance and first order) for 1M points. winner team will get extra galxe points that will later be converted into $IDE mainnet token
  • Go to Opside/glory
  • Scroll Down
  • Connect wallet > Join any team that you think will win the battle.

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