Opportunities in airdrop

Continuing the discussion from Massive AIRDROP opportunity from @LineaBuild ! :rocket: Have u heard about the new Linea Voyage event ? It's like Arbitrum Odyssey & could lead to an AIRDROP! ConsenSys raised a whopping $725M for Linea, Airdrop from them could be life-changing!:


There are so many ways you can position.

Stay active


Collect badges

must follow

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gaas on goerli is crazy

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It’s a cool quest that looks easy on paper but might actually turn out to be a nightmare to complete! People say them bridges are not working properly and so on. I wish there would be similar quests for the community to participate in Aptos ecosystem!

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Yeah man, but you can use testnet bridge by LayerZero to buy gETH with ETH!

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