Oncoming bullran!

In the last cycle, I didn’t learn how to fix profit from some projects, and after the final, when we started to go to the goals of 30-15 thousand for 1 bitcoin and maybe we haven’t made the final bottom yet, I realized that you don’t need to fall in love with projects. But the question is whether there are many such people who gained experience from the previous cycle, and if so, is there a question about the next one? Have we not yet sufficiently developed the cryptocurrency market and there is still room for growth? What are your thoughts on whether the next bull run will happen?
I wonder what goals you expect there?


Of course there’s a lot of space to grow. Each cycle a lot of protocols pass away, yet all the crypto space grows. Important thing is that peaople grow too, become more educated and aware. There’s the threat of regulations, but I think crypto has a lot to achieve.


may be now is a trap with local pump. Many chances that will go down next week


do you really think there will be bullran? :laughing:

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look more carefully at what I wrote) I mean the future that may be, the fact that now it is just a correction to the main fall that starts with 60 thousand

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Not yet i feel

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me too. Now local pump tomorrow dump

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very possible. Everyone in euphoria.