OMNIFLIX token claim ongoing

Wen #FlixDrop? you ask

It’s happening as we speak!

Over 500k Cosmos Hub Delegator FlixDrop NFTs, across 4 snapshots, have landed in the accounts of #cosmonauts!

If you’ve got the NFT in your a/c, you’re ready to claim $FLIX on July 31st!

Wanna get a sneak peek into how the FlixDrop works?

  1. Check if you got your ATOM Delegator NFTs on mainnet -

  2. Check your testnet account to see if you received the same NFTs -

  3. Check campaigns that you are eligible for by going to the Eligible tab underxDrop? you as-

  4. Click on the campaign to go to the single campaign page or the Claim button to claim your reward!

You have successfully tested the FlixDrop claim process on the OmniFlix testnet, FlixNet-4.

Let us know your thoughts & experience …DYOR