Omega Network — Confirmed Airdrop Guide

The Omega Network (OMN Coin) project was born with the first goal of bringing blockchain to everyone by supporting the introduction, mining, and distribution of cryptocurrencies through smartphones.

The project build an OMN cryptocurrency and smart contract platform. Use decentralization of science, engineering, and technology to change the world and revolutionize people’s Internet usage habits.

The Omega Chain is a public blockchian that aims to enhance the efficiency of the Ethereum ecosystem through Layer 2 technology.

Step 01. Add Omega Network to Your Wallet

  • Open your wallet.
  • Add manually a new Network, using the infos below :

Network name: Omega Testnet


Chain ID: 816

Currency symbol: OMN


Step 02. Get test Tokens

Step 03. Swapping & Providing Liquidity

  • Go to :
  • Connect to your wallet.
  • Click on “Select a token”.
  • Add WOMN token (already on the list).
  • Add ARB token, by : copy and paste this address : 0x43467bb4b6d78F86c6FC94b63c15e9DF67497C17
  • But you can add too, MATIC token on Omega Network using, the address below : 0xDc95611045aC2e31fe699F401C7A0Fad4A40E8B8
  • Swap a few amount of OMN to ARB.
  • Swap again some OMN token to Wrapped WOMN.
  • Secondly, go to the Pool tab.
  • Adding liquidity on the pair : OMN-ARB.
  • Remove LP by selecting OMN/ARB pool.
  • Click on remove.
  • Select 25% (or any other option of your choice) of LP to remove.
  • Then approve. Done !

:basketball: Step 04. Bridging activities

  • Go to :
  • Click on connect wallet.
  • Enter an amount of OMN to transfer to wOMN.
  • Click on Warp token & confirm it on your wallet.
  • Add the wOMN to your wallet, by using pasting the contract address below : 0x01bDCf41Db44c1F92AcBbd016F56c1593aAb1258
  • Return to this link :
  • Transfer some wOMN to BSC.
  • Click on Transfer & confirm it on your wallet.
  • Done!

And how many tokens I will get ?

Thanks for this I have done it

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I think will not worthy.