Olive Finance V2 Testnet

Olive Finance V2 Testnet

OLIVE Tokenomics Community Allocation Token Allocation - Olive

:heavy_minus_sign: Get Goerli Faucet https://goerlifaucet.com/
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge https://bridge.arbitrum.io/ Goerli to Arb Goerli

:heavy_minus_sign: Go to https://oliveapp.finance/?ref=b37CBHG0
:heavy_minus_sign: Claim Faucet Test tokens
:heavy_minus_sign: Vaults : Deposit » Withdraw & Manage
:heavy_minus_sign: Lend : Deposit » Withdraw
:heavy_minus_sign: Click » Olivedrops Spin the slots 10
:heavy_minus_sign: Submit Feedback FORM Olive Finance Testnet Feedback Form
:heavy_minus_sign: Claim Galxe OAT Arbitrum X Olive V2 | Incentivised Testnet 🍸 by Olive Finance | Galxe
:heavy_minus_sign: Complet Zealy Zealy - Join the movement (Zealy & OAT and points which stands for rewards that’ll be unveiled later)

Olive Finance Reward :

:heavy_minus_sign: The OAT and Points give you a chance to receive rewards from Olive ecosystem.
:heavy_minus_sign: All the Drops accumulated on Tesnet will be moved to Mainnet.
:heavy_minus_sign: Drops qualify you to receive rewards in the ecosystem, which will include special NFT.