OKX Cryptopedia's eighth ZetaChain mission has begun!

Zetachain, an L1 network compatible with Ether VMs.
Task: Participate in five DAPP interactions on the ZetaChain test network Reward: Split $100,000 of ZETA tokens on the main network
Bonus Mission Focus: 0 Jerk Well, without further ado, follow Baby on his mission!
I. Access the 8th Cryptopedia from OKX Web3 wallet, first get the test tokens and click on recharge.
Just tweet or DC choose to bind to one of them, connect your wallet, click on request asset and collect 3 ZETA test coins.
You can also click on ZetaLabs on PC to receive test coins.
Task 1: Desig Watch the video and answer the questions, 5 questions, answer 3 or more correctly.
The topic is different for everyone, so if you really don’t know how to do it, you can look at the project documentation https://docs.desig.io/ to complete the task to validate and receive the NFT.
Task 2: P12 Casting a P12 x ZetaChain Limited Edition Star Maker NFT
Go to the dapp and link to your wallet, choose a random nft vote and click claim to collect it. After you have collected it you can verify the 2nd task, after both are done return to the page to verify and draw the nft reward.
Task 3: zkMe
Follow @zetablockchain and @zkme_ on Twitter, verify your Twitter account after entering the task dapp, link to the tweet to get your personal score and cast the exclusive Omni NFT, re-tweet the activity to increase your ZetaChain Social Relationship Score, and return to the page to verify and extract the NFT reward after completing the task.
@zetablockchain @zkme_ Task 4 :Eddy Finance
Redeem any number of aZeta test coins for any of the rest of ZetaChain’s coins. click go to finish, click approve to authorize, and then click swap to redeem and return to the page to verify and withdraw the nft reward.
Task 5: LENX
(1) Getting test coins
Into the dc to collect test coins LENX Finance , it is best to use the PC end into the DC, cell phones are easy to authentication failure, dc after the verification of the robot to find the channel to collect the test coins, send lenx faucet drip + their own wallet address, 1 space after the drip, wait for 1-2 minutes will be notified that the test coins have been issued.
(2) Borrow your first full chain of assets.

Select ZetaChain Athens 3 Testnet at LENX, deposit any number of BTC test coins and then borrow ETH. Return to the page to verify and draw nft rewards after completing the task.


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