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:high_brightness: Hi to the community !

I had been involved in the crypto community since 6 years. I have been a blockchain enthusiast since a while research and contributing to the growth of web3, cryptos and Daos communities. I am grateful to be part of this community of very motivated and ambitious people.

I have been involved and had experience running nodes and participating in different tesnet community events : Such as Lukso, Spacemesh, OnionDao. I have been writing content in english & french for differents DAOs, Layer 2 and Defi projects.

Tried to participated as much as i can in new crypto innovation, providing feedbacks referring new users and educating friends and family.

  • General information: 25 yold with a bachelor degree. I have background working for Banks and in finance, Website, Living in Canada Montreal & Niger West africa , French & English

You can reach me on my different medias :slight_smile:

  • discord : nour#4667
  • twitter : noureasy
  • i am available in aptos forum + discord for any discussion

What i like about the aptos project is the vision : Designing a new code language safer for smart contract coding, using BFT specifically designed and moduled for security and scalability. I think aptos will bring new users and real uses cases being able to on board thousands of node in a decentralized fashion.

My goal is too create education content, weekly recaps to help with the growth of the community ! Let’s make it together :tada:

Here is some of my previous content :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers: