[NODERS]TEAM Validator

My name is SeptimA (Aleksey), I represent the NODERS project Our team is a community of professional participants in various tests.
We have been doing this for more than two years, we have several nodes in the mainnet.
There are several departments in technical work, such as marketing department, recruitment department.
We also run a telegram channel with more than 1200 subscribers.
In this channel, we implement tests of various projects (with nodes), write guides, relayers, bots and various products to create servers and toolvalidators.

We use only high quality seovers from trusted hosts. before installing the validator, we always stress test the server for all possible shortcomings and outdated equipment.
Our interest is to help the project test the product and, if possible, get into the mainnet.
We are open to cooperation and ready to fulfill the tasks that will be required of us.
Our main development idea is to control the validator through the phone through various telegram bots.

:computer: My GitHub nodersteam ([NODERS]TEAM) · GitHub
:speech_balloon: Twitter https://twitter.com/SeptimANoders
:memo: TG Telegram: Contact @braban93
:memo: TG channel Telegram: Contact @nodersteam
:speaking_head: Discord SeptimA [NODERS]#9554


My vote is for you! Thanks for the cool informative channel and guides!