Noderist and Validator are in test networks, they don't take mainnet, it's a shame!

How did I end up here? It’s simple, I met the Aptos project and decided to participate in a test network by running a node, what’s my experience?)

In my experience, I participated in about 30-35 projects in the last two years related to nodes and test networks, validation. Here is a list of projects I worked with, all of them on different networks, Nym, Zeitgeist, BitCountry, Casper, Aleo, Ironfish, Minima, Kyve, Taraxa, Moonbeam, Forta, Streamr, Massa. Evmos, Asset Mantle, and so on. Most half of these projects have already moved on to mainnet. For example I’ve kept Nym project node in test network for about half a year and now I’m supporting the project by launching the mixnode in mainnet.
Now I have a great interest in validation, I am actively participating in testnet on the Cosmos network, getting new experience in projects.

I would be happy to have your vote for me, thank you!