Noder for Aptos

Hello to all developers! I offer my services as a node specialist, because I have been doing them for almost 3 years and managed to gain enough experience to help the project with all my might!:muscle:
I helped with nodes for projects such as: Concordium, Swarm, Althea, Nym, Aleo, Ironfish, Streamr, Kyve, Meson, Umee, Rizon, BitCountry, Parastate and many others
I also took part in various testnets by type: Polymath, Axelar, Manta Network (Dolphin Testnet) and others
My server specs: 6 vCPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB NVMe
I will be extremely useful to Aptos thanks to my experience, resourcefulness and my scarlet store of knowledge.