Nodemarshall Validator

I am Ray from North America. Die-hard Blockchain enthusiast, researcher and developer

I introduced myself to the community a few weeks ago under #introductions.

I am a Computer technician turned Software, Web2, Web3 and blockchain developer, researcher.
Some of my achievements include:
Built several websites and run online eCommerce stores
Taught Blockchain technology to high school students
Non-native speaker but studied French and Japanese languages
I have experience running validators and nodes for Aptos, Helium, Minima, Subspace among others.
Recent Education: Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum, Certified Ruby programmer. Certified Robotics Technician, Artificial Intelligence(AI) certifications

I have several years of experience with Linux systems and comfortable using command-line tools and other utilities. I have good knowledge of blockchain infrastructure, including proof of work and proof of stake. I have good communication skills both oral and written together with the skill to explain technical data in simple and plain English

My interest in becoming a validator stems partly from from my research findings below about the Aptos blockchain. I am impressed with the Aptos mission, vision and and goals.
The efforts to create a universal and fair access to decentralized assets for billions of people globally is amazing and beneficial. The Aptos vision of working to establish a decentralized community to deploy a safe, scalable, and upgradable smart contract platform is commendable.

Moreover, Aptos task of providing safer account key recovery capabilities for all users is an honorable one and will be a game changer for all.
For the masses, if Aptos succeeds in developing news ways and key recovery techniques for blockchain accounts will be a very welcome innovation

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