Node Validator Resume

Who is the best validator? Of course I am! You can ask why, and I will gladly answer that I have been doing nodes for about 2 years already!! My advantage is not only professional work, but also 24/7 monitoring
I took part in fairly well-known testnets and installed nodes of well-known projects. Among them: testnets - Axelar, Umee, Firefly, Manta Network; nodes - Massa, Kyve, Meson, SubQuery, Aleo, Umee.
I am absolutely sure that I will be useful to the project due to my experience, ability to find a solution in any situation and resourcefulness.
Also on my YouTube channel sometimes there are videos about the projects in which I took part, and what are their advantages (Чинч - YouTube). Subscribe to not miss the video about Aptos!