Node validator: ilvir8

Greetings to all, my name is Ilvir. More than six months ago, I began to be interested in cryptocurrency and study blockchain technologies. At this stage, I am developing and studying different directions of the crypt, I see the future in this. The aptos project was interested in the fact that Aptos is the fastest layer-1 blockchain and helps to process a lot of transactions in a short time, and there is no doubt that a good team with extensive technological experience has high hopes for development. To date, they also support various projects such as KYVE, pontem network, Sui, Minima, Bundlr, Starknet, Quai, Masa Finance, Massa, I also participate in the ambassador program of the Pontem Network. My main job is the fire department, where I work as a deputy chief of the unit, Lieutenant. I would be grateful if you choose me as a validator.