Node validator: CRYPTO_IMPERIUM

My name is Oleg, i am blockchain enthusiast - in the cryptosphere for more than 4 years, I have been managing a channel about cryptocurrency, I raise nodes, I participate in ambassador programs, I make content and much more.

my education is not related to blockchain technologies and everything that I do. I am a nurse by profession. lately I’ve been fascinated by the world of blockchain technology.

The Aptos project attracts me the most and I would really like to become part of the team.

Contact information
telegram - @slimpony33
telegram chat - @forcryptomillionaires
telegram channel - @Crypto_imperium


Great experience, i vote!


I vote 4 you my Italian friend! Have a nice day! I know you by other blockchain projects and i believe, that you ll be a great APTOS validator -:slight_smile: :dog:

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Super!!! Очень интересная информация!!!

Hello Bro! :slight_smile: You will succeed! I and all your friends believe in you, so success is guaranteed to you!!! ;))

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Всё у тебя получиться я верю!

Голосую за тебя! Удачи!

Так держать! Мой голос за тебя!


Желаю удачи, отдаю свой голос тебе!

Мы поддерживаем тебя!

Голосую за тебя , знаю тебя давно

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Excellent work bro. Keep it up!

I voted for you as expected beacuse you are good validator

interesting content.go ahead

your a very good validator. i really like you very much.

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Спасибо за вашу работу, я вас поддерживаю


Ты молодец и двигаешься в правильном направлении.Я уверен у тебя всё будет хорошо

wow it’s cool i like that

Желаю успехов, всё получится, успехов.

Успехов тебе дружище на этом поприще!