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  • 我在Aptos中文社区,discord内,热心帮助他人,帮助他人解答有关AIT2测试网部署的问题,分享docker和shell命令的一些使用方法,解决他们在注册部署验证时遇到的问题
  • 我具有丰富的shell编程、智能合约编程方面的经验。

Discord:Kaiming Wang#3046

Hello everyone, I am kaimingwang, a lover of the blockchain industry, a move language learner, and a Solidity smart contract development engineer. At the same time, I am also a doctoral student, and my research direction is blockchain privacy protection. I have great passion and love for the web3 field and blockchain, and I also want to contribute to the aptos blockchain project. .

If I am fortunate enough to be selected by AIT2, I will always devote myself to the development and maintenance of AIT2, and fulfill 100% of the official requirements.
At the same time, because my major is computer, my programming skills are solid, and I am proficient in shell programming, linux system maintenance, and smart contract programming. I can help other community members complete the AIT2 test task.
In the Aptos Chinese community and discord, I am eager to help others, help others to answer questions about the deployment of the AIT2 testnet, share some usage methods of docker and shell commands, and solve the problems they encounter when registering and deploying verification.

  • I have extensive experience in shell programming, smart contract programming.
  • I also often promote aptos on social platforms such as Twitter and Chinese communities, and contribute my little power to the development of aptos.

If you are also confident in aptos, like-minded and interested in move language, the following is my contact information.
Discord:Kaiming Wang#3046
Finally, please vote for me, I will vote back in time, thank you very much! Hope to meet you at AIT2 in the future.