Node keep crashing and the dev team advise it is not a bug

very frustrated ,the full node keep crashing with the following error, raised issue on github issue ,but the dev team said it is not bug, any way to fix it?

the max open file already set as below

sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 50000 20000000

2022-11-11T02:29:52.385973Z [sync-driver-3] WARN state-sync/state-sync-v2/state-sync-driver/src/ {“error_notification”:{“error”:{“UnexpectedError”:“Storage synchronizer error: "Failed to commit executed chunk! Error: IO error: While open a file for appending: ./fast/db/ledger_db/001344.log: Too many open files"”},“notification_id”:16124},“message”:“Received an error notification from the storage synchronizer!”,“name”:“synchronizer_notification”}

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Hey there, did you ask our team about this in Discord? If not, I suggest asking our team in Discord. However, please note that if the team replied to you on Github, the response will be the same on Discord as well.

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Refer to the response by :point_right: @abidtn7303

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