No more badges? Find out!

I can’t get anymore badges why?
Who else is experiencing same pls.


Hey ser, I just read the official docs, apparently only member rank badge is now remaining. Member → Regular → Leader. Lv2-3-4 basically.


Same here. No badges

I still dont understand you

I don’t even have any badges

so for now only tier ranked like member, regular,etc only?

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yes ssirr :grinning:

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Only badge you can get is Member or Regular or Leader. All those badges take minimum 15, 100 days of activity and Leader badge is bestowed upon you by the APTOS team.

i just get “member” or “granted” by aptos badges, how go get regiler or the higher level?

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be more active for a longer time is all

the rumors about second airdrop aprtos is that correct?

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Not sure, but I dont think you can lose value by just being part of APTOS community regardless of second airdrop.


thanks mate

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all good mate :sunglasses: