Ninja Blaze Testnet

:mega:Important news! Ninja Blaze Testnet is here!:fire:

Are you ready to go on a gaming adventure?

:rocket: Here’s how you can get involved:

:one: Register with crypto wallet.
:two: Complete mission in Galxe.
:three: Unlock FREE game tokens!

How to interact?

• For convenience, use the Keplr wallet
:point_down:t2:Keplr - Chrome Web Store

• Request $INJ test tokens from the faucet


Now go to the site and connect your Keplr


• Create your profile by choosing a name and avatar

• Click “Claim Tokens”

But wait, that’s not all! Daily logins mean even more tokens in your wallet. The more you play, the bigger your bonus!:video_game::moneybag:

Join us and improve your gaming experience with Ninja Blaze!

#NinjaBlazeTestnet #Testnet

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