Nike's NFT Sneaker Sales Exceed $1 Million, but Inventory Remains

Nike’s NFT Sneaker Sales Exceed $1 Million, but Inventory Remains

Our Force 1 NFT SaleSports brand giant Nike’s Web3 (decentralized web) platform, .SWOOSH, launched its first NFT (non-replaceable token) sneaker collection, Our Force 1 (OF1), on May 15, with total sales to date of approximately 200 million yen ($1.4 million).

Nike’s sales to date are estimated at about $1.45 million; the sale will continue through June 1 unless about 30,000 items in unsold inventory are sold out.There are 16 archive pairs in this video, let the scavenger hunt begin.Which colorways did you catch? :male_detective: sale was conducted in two phases, beginning with a presale on the 15th, followed by a general sale on the 24th.The initial inventory started with 106,453 NFTs, and by the morning of the 27th, over 73,000 NFTs had been purchased by 42,470 different addresses.The unit selling price of OF1 NFTs was set at 2,787 yen ($19.82) each, which comes from the year the popular sneaker called Air Force 1 was first released.


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