NFTs for a revolution in the exchange

Unfortunately the development of NFTs as we know it lacks any real sense and ends up being something very absurd in most cases. The technology is very interesting, and I think it would be worth thinking together, not only with developers, but also with creatives in new systems where NFTs have more interesting uses.
Some ideas:
Value of a work over time


NFTs soulbond?


that’s already something!

An NFT is a transportation layer from physical to digital. It’s true potential will be realized in the years to come.

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yes, I am curious about the different uses in the future of this technology, in a technical and psychological sense.
for now, NFTs are just beans in disguise, but what tree will grow next?

There is a lot of discussion on the topic of NFT, but there is definitely a fundamental

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Why should NFTs be visual only? Wouldn’t it be worth generating a sound collection?

I think there are many things that would be worth developing…

how about metaphysical to digital…

in a sense it is!

I didn’t see that one coming but, yes! That is a possibility.


:slight_smile: Hi! Good!