NFT Puppies — Your pet on the blockchain network

Pixel Puppies is a unique NFT project. Due to the low total supply and uniqueness of each piece, it should arouse the interest of real collectors. This project differs from other NFT projects (depicting fictional characters, idols or incomprehensible graphics) because it presents a puppy as a pet, a mascot, a friend. Our project stands out with its message - we want to show that NFT doesn’t have to be an object/token - a piece of art, a mere graphic, a part of a celebrity’s body. We can say that our puppies are a bridge between traditional NFT and Metaversum.

Earning and the Future:

NFT holders will be able to earn passive staking (up to 219% APY). In Q4 we will launch the staking platform and release 2 coins, one for staking and an expensive main coin. In the future we plan to implement various extras such as a bone, lair, glasses and other “toys” for our pups. All of them will be of course unique and thanks to all of them we will be able to earn extra tokens from staking.


The new face of NFT.
total supply is only 999 puppies
uniqueness of each puppy

CEO - also responsible for graphic design and programming
Community Manager - responsible also for media promotions
Web Designer - responsible for building and developing websites ( multi-lingual)