NFT deploying guide

NFT deploying guide
Omnisea joins the ZetaChain Testnet. ZetaChain is The Blockchain for native Omnichain contracts that can be accessed from any chain, even Bitcoin.Create and mint ZetaChain NFTs within minutes.
NFT Deploying Guide

  1. Add Zetachain to Metamask:
    Network name: ZetaChain Athens 2 TestNet
    New RPC URL:
    Chain ID: 7001
    Currency symbol: ZETA
    Block explorer URL:
  2. Claim Faucet
    Claim Zeta faucet on Discord> “zeta-faucet” channel. ZetaChain
    Use command: zeta faucet drip “your wallet address” zetachain
  3. Create an NFT
    Go to the Create Page.
    Connect wallet and switch to Zetachain Athens 2 Testnet
    Follow the hints and create your own NFT.
    Add NFTs
    Complete the steps and Launch.
    Confirm in the wallet.
  4. Manage NFT
    Go to Collections tab
    Click on “Settings”.
    Add details like whitelist, mint date, mint per wallet as per your choice.
    That’s all friends .

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