NFT Alpha | May 2023


Market dominated by Myladys and his derivates/sub projects :

  1. Redacted remilio babies 1.39
  2. Radbro Webring 0.18
  3. Schizo posters 0.44
  4. Milady Maker 3.89 ( bounce from 2.5 to 4.1)

What else we got???

Pudgy penguins and lil pudgy have been consolidating for a long time

• Pudgy around 3.5 and 4 ETH
• And lil pudgy from 0.3 to 0.39
What’s is happening with YUGA ecosystem( more focus on BAYC and KODA ecosystem)?
• Otherdeed for other side is a stable coin from1 eth to 1.3
• MAYC trying to not lose 10 ETH , now at 10.85
• BAYC trying to consolidate aabove 50 ETH
• BAKC was a stable coin around 6 eth and now is trying to consolidate 4.58 eth
• Otherside Koda 7.50 eth (it was 11 when the hype was higher)

What’s happened with nakamigos??

• They are at 0.19 right now, their community was really strong and still have power cuz the mint or the first prices was 1 cent of eth, still mega profit for first holders
• Mfers are the first colecction of the artista of nakamigos, a loto f people sold nakamigos and divesified his portfolio with mfer
What’s happening with Degods??
• They went up to 10 ETH and now they have been consolidating around 8 eth, they haven’t lose any traction, a lot BAYC diversified his portfolio selling some BAYC to buy degods and they are doing PRETTY Well in volumen ¨(right now at 21 with 25.8 eth of volumen in 24 hours) season 3 coming so, they Will have a new ath soon!

Who is gonna dominate the next cylce of NFT???

• What I think we got some new participants that are invited to eat together with BAYC! What does this mean??

• Memeland ecosystem have been really strong with the NFT market bleeding cuz people are selling their nfts for a faster profit with meme coins

• Azuki ecosystem too, and Milady ecosystem too
So at least a see : Azuki, Memeland, Milady , Degods, and Yuga really strong!

We saw “bluechip” like doodles or moonbird go really down I don’t know if they Will have a comeback

Special mention to : Jack Butcher projects, checks , openpen… They aren’t in a Good FP position but people were reallly bullish on them a few weeks ago, so let’s keep an eye on them


Any Aptos NFT alpha? :smirk:

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