NFT Aggregator in Aptos

Hi, Chamcha here, we are the NFT Aggregator going to support Aptos.


Let’s support to build the Aptos ecosystem

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Hello, just mint APTOS : ZERO
Testnet NFT #830723 .
What were the mistakes?

  1. Problems with wallet connection
  • it was necessary to switch to a test network
  • there was a public key error after the transition.
    This error was on Martian and on Peter.

Solution: deleted the Martian wallet and reinstalled it.

The wallet is connected.

-NFT branding requires tokens for the commission.
To do this, go to the wallet and click on airdrop.

This is where the error often occurs.


  • try a few times
  • Refresh the page
  • close the browser and try again,

I used google chrome browser

Looks very good, right!? Welcome to the Aptos hub


Where i can buy Aptos NFT?

Feel welcome

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