Next Big Network Airdrop soonInvite friends ▶ If you can, then, try To Earn some points by inviting your friends also. Each friend that joins via your ZETA referral link, you BOTH get EXTRA points

Next Big Network Airdrop soon Named As ZETACHAIN
Follow these steps to potential to get rewards possibly

ZetaChain Could be the Next Big Airdrop (+$3200) :parachute:

Duration : 10 min
Cost: $0
Confirmed : :heavy_check_mark:

Let’s see how to qualify for the Zeta Airdrop :point_down::thread:

ZetaChain is live on testnet from few months and they have announced reward for testnet user through ZETA Points.

Claim faucets Token from below website link by pasting your Metamask wallet address

• BNB Faucet: BNB Smart Chain: Faucet
• gETH Faucet:
• Klaytn Faucet:
• Polygon mumbai :

Earn ZETA Points

  • Go to this website: ZetaLabs

  • Click on “Verify with Twitter” and authorized with your twitter account.

:point_right: You will ONLY get these 5000 ZETA Points, if you join via my invite link.
:arrow_forward: Click on “Get ZETA” to claim some ZETA faucets — If is is down due to high traffic, you can just use the swap function to swap gETH, tBNB, tMatic etc to get your WEEKLY points!

:arrow_forward: Click on “Swap” and Swap token between any Cross-chains

:arrow_forward: Keep using this swap features in EVERY WEEK to Earn 7000 ZETA points per week.

:arrow_forward: After swap, submit feedback on discord (Not mandatory).

Claim all available OAT NFTs

This will help us to get Roles in Discord. Right now, only 4 NFTs are available to claim.

Claim here :
Complete Crew3 Task

:arrow_forward: Go ZEALY by clicking my invite link below: Zealy - Join the movement

:arrow_forward: Complete all available tasks in crew3
Join Guild and Claim Roles in Discord

:arrow_forward: Go to this website:

:arrow_forward: Connect with your discord and wallet to get all roles in Discord

:arrow_forward: Make sure to confirm in discord that you have received roles.


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