NEWS: Over $35M in #cryptocurrency was stolen from Atomic Wallet, a self-custodial platform

Over $35M in #cryptocurrency was stolen from Atomic Wallet, a self-custodial platform. One user suffered an $8M loss in $USDT.

Millions of dollars worth of users’ cryptocurrency have reportedly gone missing among users of the self-custodial, decentralized Atomic Wallet. The project on Saturday acknowledged the compromise and said it was doing everything it could to investigate the apparent vulnerability.

A wave of accounts on Twitter said their wallets’ contents had been drained of funds, sparking widespread concern throughout Crypto Twitter.
The project’s cryptocurrency wallet has more than 5 million downloads, according to Atomic Wallet’s website. It was originally launched in 2017 as Atomic Swap by CEO Konstantin Gladych, who is also the CEO of

As of Sunday, Atomic Wallet said it can’t confirm how the attacks took place, but assured users that it is working with “leading security companies” on an investigation and has reached out to organizations that can help trace the stolen funds like analytics firms and exchanges.


It’s so sad how perpetrators still succeed with their bad act considering the amount of work that has being in place to have a secured decentralized ecosystem. I hope the issue is rectify and other protocol learn from it as well


This is huge …


so basically we have no where to run to, so sad

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Where tf do we hold our crypto now, nothing is safe. Someone that comes with unhackable project will rule the cryptoworld