News from the Crypto Street

:rotating_light: Some Major news from yesterday​:rotating_light:

  • Hacker steals 2800eth ($5.5m) from Curve only to get frontrun and lose it all to coffebabe.eth, who did this with a MEV bot. Returning all to Curve

  • Shiba Inu Whales Buy Over 1 Trillion SHIB in Anticipation of Shibarium Launch

  • Attackers steal $24 million from several defi protocols through Curve Pool exploits, due to an issue with Vyper, a smart contract programming language.

  • Trader Turns $500 into $1.5M Aping Into $BALD on Base Network

  • Trading Volume of Coinbase’s Base Tops $200 Million Thanks To Memecoin Degens

  • Trading Platform Crypto . com Adds Regulatory Approval in Netherlands

  • The hacker who attacked the CRV/ETH pool has stolen 7 million CRVs and 14 million dollars of WETH. However, the hacker has sent all funds to a cold wallet and will bargain with Curve team via etherscan

  • Cardano’s Mithril Upgrade Goes Live.

  • Kraken Resolves Issues with Ethereum Funding Gateway

  • Australia’s Bendigo Bank blocks high-risk payments to crypto exchanges

  • UK Court Slaps Telecoin Crypto Scam Masterminds With 6-Year Jail Terms