News From the Crypt street

:rotating_light: Some Major news from yesterday :rotating_light:

  • Yesterday marked Ethereum’s eighth birthday

  • SEC warns against ‘fake audits’ in crypto. It warned about a worrying trend in which accounting firms collaborate with crypto trading platforms with a track record of scandals and financial collapses within the crypto sector

  • US Banking Giant American Express, as well as Metro Bank and Yorkshire Building of the UK, Accused of Abruptly Closing Accounts, Violating Customers’ Rights As Financial Oversight Investigation Begins: Report

  • Coinbase Faces SEC’s Delisting Demand Before Lawsuit. The recommendation has triggered a legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC.

  • BNB Smart Chain hit with copycat Vyper attack, $73K exploited

  • Elon Musk Says ‘Something Special Coming Soon’ On X, Triggers Crypto Community’s Hopes For Dogecoin Payments On Platform

  • A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group predicted that RWA is estimated to be a $16 trillion market by 2030

  • Ripple Partners With FPC To Improve Global Payments With Crypto

  • Bitcoin wallet addresses with non-zero balance hit new all-time high, per Glassnode. Now at 47.86M, up from 44.06M earlier this year. More addresses could mean increased Bitcoin adoption and investment.

  • French Data Protection Agency Investigates Worldcoin

  • Kyrgyzstan Expands Cryptocurrency Mining with Government Backing at Hydro Power Plant