NewGen Labs / The Forge Arena / OPMarket - Perfect for the APTOS Community

Hello APTOS Community,

I am the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of NewGen Labs, and we have been referred to the APTOS Community by a fellow member. We are currently building a series of revolutionary products incuding The Forge Arena, a Free to Play FPS game built on the WAX Blockchain since 2017. We wanted to present our project to the community, and see where it takes us. We also have applied for a grant from the APTOS Blockchain to bring our products and games to the community. We hope to hear your feedback and comments about our products.

About NewGen Labs:
NEWGEN LABS is not just yet another gaming studio; we are the architects of a groundbreaking foundation that transcends the boundaries of the digital age. We are creating a revolutionary platform that not only connects multiple games in a seamless experience but also brings together the realms of gaming, entertainment, and fashion.

About The Forge Arena:
The Forge Arena is an upcoming F2P fast paced tactical FPS built on the Blockchain since 2017.

We pride ourselves as being the first ever FPS game to utilize blockchain technology by integrating the first ever weapon skins with true digital ownership. The Forge Arena offers an unique user powered and user owned experience that is unparalleled in the space.

  • Closed Beta Coming soon on Epic Games Store
  • Sold over 600,000$ in NFTs 2.0 (Weapon Skins, Badges, Cases, etc)
  • Powered by the Community

In the wake of our triumphant venture with OPSkins, culminating in its acquisition by the WAX Blockchain, our dedicated team is now poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape once again with OPMarket. Our marketplace aims to establish itself as the benchmark for an advanced and interconnected future that seamlessly merges traditional gaming with the cutting-edge realm of WEB3.

We would love to begin our journey with APTOS with a PFP drop that you can collect, trade and use inside Forge Arena, and our products. If we generate enough interest from the community, we will look into integrating the full APTOS suits of services inside Forge Arena and all of the products we have.

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Make sure to read our Intel Pages / Documents, it has everything the APTOS community is looking for.

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