Newbies In The Crypto Space

If you’re new to the crypto (Airdrop) space
The only advise I can give you is to please go burn your data on YouTube
Search (airdrop tutorial guide for newbie) or just search things related to airdrop on YouTube

Things you need

  1. Twitter account
  2. Discord account
  3. Telegram account
  4. Wallet Address (MetaMask, trust wallet for evm airdrop, phantom or solflare for Solana airdrop, blade wallet or hashpack for hbar airdrop etc…. DYOR (DoYourOwnResearch)

Things you should learn

  1. How to use discord (it’s very complicated for the newbies)
  2. How to create wallet address
  3. What is phrase word and how important phrase word are
  4. What is EVM?
  5. What is blockchain?
  6. What is Layer2?
  7. Learn about BNB (bsc), ETH, Solana, Hbar and so on (these are the most popular airdrops out there)

Just make sure to DYOR
OMO this space is not for you as a newbie if you can’t DYOR ooo

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