New user tutorial and advanced tutorial post (no bs)

I’ll tell you guys how to get the “new user tutorial” and the “advanced tutorial” badges.

It’s very easy, just click on your profile picture on the top right side, then click on “discobot greetings”.

Then do why the discobot is asking you to do.
Step 1 will be to bookmark the discobot message by clicking on the bookmark sign, then select a value such as “later today”.

Keep doing what the discobot is asking you to do until you get your certificate:

You’ll also get your “new user tutorial” badge which is called “certified” and which you’ll see on the top right side by clicking on your profile picture again:

Once you received your first certificate , click on “reply” and type “start advanced tutorial” to start the advanced tutorial.

Follow what the discobot is asking you to do again until you get your next certificate and badge called “licensed”.

That’s it!

If you get stuck, just answer to my post and I’ll guide you!

Please like and share my post so as many as possible people can get those two badges.

Thanks! :grinning:


Thanks bro for good guide

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You’re welcome @tranhuy8928363645

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