New project | Checking users

Good morning, everyone.
Not so long ago I started to create my own project on the Aptos network. I do not want to reveal the idea yet, but there was not a big puzzle, how to check the user that he really looks at the information, whether it is a video or an article, what is the best check to enter? Perhaps someone will have ideas other than the usual confirmation, and not to prevent the user from using the service. Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


good luck mate!


Can u share smth to us?


At the moment I can not disclose much, now the project is at an early stage, at a stage where all the specifications and documentation are formulated

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good luck bro! it’s not easy way

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Every day I face new questions, both technical and organizational. It’s difficult but fascinating, if I manage to do everything that is planned I will already be happy.

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