New NFT leaders

Now I want to take apart the potential NFT projects from the top ranking according to the analytical version of the SpookLand website - Upcoming Aptos NFTs - Spooks List

1. ApStation - ApStation is a decentralized platform for launching your own NFT collections on the Aptos blockchain. He offer an easy to use and incredibly promising product for the general mass of NFT fans.

They will have 2222 passes that will give a lot of opportunities and now they are at the top of the rankings!


2. METAPIXEL - The premier web3 gaming ecosystem, where players become owners !

All the information on the mint is still hidden, but they are already in second place!


3. Digital Game - Aptos Digital Game - first multifunctional game on the #aptos

The project will have 9999 NFT of 2 APT, which is quite a lot and most likely the project will not be able to reach full sales. Right now they are in third place on the list.


Which collection from the list do you think will become the new blue chip? :smiling_face: