New crypto Network

After #BRC20 Ordinals, #DRC20 Trend is about to start

So we can Inscribe some DRC20 #Doginals in a experimental way👀

Few days ago @TheCheemsToken its #Doginal DRC20 Inscription,

The best part of Doginals is, Its very very Cheaper than BRC20💥

Inscribe these DRC20 for FUN👇
First we need @mzydev DPAL Wallet: Which is basically a Dogecoin wallet but it supports Doginals Inscriptions :white_check_mark:

Setup New wallet and deposit some doge coins, like 50 - 100 DOGE is enough to do lots of work with DRC20 Doginals :white_check_mark:
Once you have some DOGE balance, now Next & Simple step is to Inscribe DOGINAL

:point_right: You can Find the Whole DRC20 Tokens list here:…

Currently, There is no website to Track Doginals Properly, but will come soon :rocket: